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Meg Bullock

I found Sarah on Instagram, and she was so lovely to deal with from the start! I needed help with finding a dress for my 30th party, she did a full comprehensive review of; my body, likes, dislikes, looked that I wanted, usual style, etc, all through email for my ease of convenience. We then had a date book for a shopping trip, but unfortunately plans were disrupted with the global COVID 19 crisis, but then Sarah went above and beyond and did me up a 'Style Book'. It was sent to me in email attachment, easy to open and access. The book contained in great detail, my body type, the best looks for my body type, different types of clothing (other than dresses) and inspiration for dressing my body. Sarah again then went above and beyond and searched dress shops online, to find ones for me to try on in my local shops- this was a huge help to me, to which I found one that she picked for me! Unfortunately our party had to post phoned too, thus I don't have a photo. I would certainly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for help dressing, styling or inspiration on their body type. She was fantastic, professional and so lovely to deal with!

Rebecca Jayne

In all honesty.. I got lucky when stumbling upon your account.. I've never met someone so driven, so bubbly, uplifting and learning bits of your life and what you've been through that theres sooo much more than some could even believe.. just wow.

In this day n age we are so fortune when it come to the realm of technology and I'm so grateful I've found you because you are truly one of a kind..

I'm thrilled and excited to witness your continued success that follows you, in all that you do.. you are so caring, have all the time in the world for anyone needing advice or with their questions (guilty),despite how chaotic life is for you + you know I'm your fan girl n always here to cheer you on! 

@shessoseasonal - Sarah.

You're amazing <3 

Reiki Restore

I was honoured to have Sarah @shessoseasonal visit me today to give me a wardrobe edit. It was an amazing experience! Sarah completed her Reiki Level 1 with me last year & I felt a connection with her straight away. Sarah has a way of finding your personal strengths & helping you to show it. I haven't paid any attention to how I dress for a long time. I buy clothes that I think look nice, but then don't have the confidence to wear them. I came up with lots of excuses like being too busy ect. Today's visit has helped me see that feeling confident & empowered is a holistic approach. Eating healthy, regular exercise, meditation & self-healing is awesome, but so is how you feel when you wear the right clothes for you. The right clothes can provide a positive mindset & a feeling of self worth. Thank you Sarah!! 


Thank you for helping me realise that I have clothes that I can wear, that aren't leggings! Thank you for showing me that I can add items to an outfit to dress it up or down. Thank you for inspiring me to want to look nice again. I now wan to feel that again in my clothes. 


Thank you for all your advice! 

I went on a Kmart shopping spree - grabbed the necklace and earrings you suggested! <3 and so excited for the boots and belts! Still need to work out how I will style the hat, but I'm excited! Even ordered the best and less jeans and some white sneakers online to complete the looks. My husband may not like me following you so much haha but thank you for showing me how to add some staple to style up my life! <3 <3 <3 


Just wanted to say thank you for all your great advice!! I'm not the most stylish person and love my dark colours but you have given me some great ideas on how to add some colour and update my wardrobe with affordable clothes. I went to kmart a few weeks ago and got the coat you recommended (got it in the pink tho) and I finally got to wear it out on the weekend for date night with my man and I loved it! Normally id only wear darker colours so was nice to break it up with this jacket on top :) Also got the belt you recommended too! (got both black and brown cause why no.) Oh I also got the tshirt bras you recommended and love them! Mine are on the larger size so was worried about support but they are actually fine!! Hope one day I can do one of your style consults to learn for my body type but yeah thanks so much for what you have taught me so far!!


Hey Ladies,

I had a virtual styling session with amazing Sarah this morning and OMGeeeeeee it was sooooo good!

I am THAT person that used to hate shopping for clothes.

My typical shopping experience would involve me going to the shops for about 4hours, trying on lots of clothing pieces and coming home empty handed because I wasn't sure what to buy.

Getting ready to go out would always be SUPER stressful for me and I would often look at everyone else and wonder why I couldn't also look confident in what I was wearing?!

In our session today Sarah identified for me what my style was (I had no clue!), gave me tips on styling, ideas for buying missing pieces from my wardrobe and she came up with a list full of outfits from clothing pieces I already had!

If you are someone like me that really struggles with fashion, knowing what matches with what and what your style is I would encourage you to have a session.

I now cant wait to go and try on all the outfits in my list and to head to the shops to fill in the gaps.

Thanks again hun.

Our session was truly a game changer for me!

Elisa Knight

Ohhh my goodness... I don't know where to begin!!!!

You are a little picket of energy AND I'm so glad that I came across your page!

Your style and your finesse is just beautiful, but overall your personality is infectious.

I've popped out to Kmart to add some gorgeous things to my ever growing wardrobe, and I'm glad to say...

"Oohhh #shessoseasonal made me do it....!!!"


5 stars don't seem enough to sum up Sarah's service! Sarah shares SO much amazing free advice to her fashion tribe, but what I loved about the style refresh was that it was personalised. She worked with me and my clothes to breathe life back in to my wardrobe and help me articulate and define my style which had become a bit lost throughout the motherhood ride. Her joy and confidence is infectious, but combined with her fashion knowledge and passion to help the real you shine, it's just amazing. I highly recommend spending the one on one time with her to add those personal touches to your wardrobe and help define your own personal style and help you rock your wardrobe with even more confidence.


Thank you so much for such an amazing experience by far one of my favourite things I have done fo myself I love it, thank you! I walked away so inspired and confident with my pieces but also your vibe and persona and just the wonderful human being that you are and how amazing to have such influences out there to remind others of their worth by using style and a language that every woman loves or struggles with "shopping" "clothes" "style" look ect. It's a great platform to empower and you do it so so well! I left feeling a million dollars and a boss lady. Thank you. I am excited to see and follow your journey.