Your wardrobe basics checklist

I get a LOT of questions about the wardrobe basics. Where do I start? What do I look for? What are wardrobe basics?

It is frustrating when you feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. But what I have found when I styled my clients, it came back to the basic pieces. Your wardrobe is like your house and basic pieces are the base layers. They are the essential pieces. They need to be there in your wardrobe to help you feel stylish and polished on a regular basis.

What I have found with many of my clients, they would lack these basic pieces because we tend to gravitate towards floral and sparkly things, bright things. It's all those exciting pieces, all those trendy pieces. But if you don't have the basic pieces to wear with those really cool pieces, then they're just gonna hang there in your closet and you're never gonna wear it.

You're going to wonder, why am I not wearing my clothing that is in my closet that I just bought? The simple truth is, many of us just don't want to buy these pieces. Why would you want to spend $20 on a plain t-shirt or a cami? I get it! But if you are having the problem of having a lot of clothes in your wardrobe and those clothing pieces are more trendier, colorful, bright sparkly pieces, then yes, you do have to spend money on the base layer. We need to build the house.

So basics are the start of your wardrobe. I'm going to go through 20 awesome, basic pieces that you must have in your wardrobe. If you are ready to revamp, or you are literally starting from scratch.

I also want you to keep in mind that if you feel as if you already have these pieces, I want you to ask the question. Are they up to date? Are they modern? Are they clean? Are they in good shape? Or are they old and worn out? If they are old and worn out, you have to get rid of them. Are they fitting you? Are they tailored to your body or has your body changed? So these are really important questions to ask yourself when we go through the list. So that way you are always going to feel polished, put together and inspired to create different looks with your trendier pieces.

20 basic clothing items to build your wardrobe.

I want you to keep in mind the keyword basic, and you will have to try these on just so that they work with your body type. You will also get a feeling of the fabrics.

1. Get a really great fitting bra.

This is so important. hHving the right undergarments is essential. It doesn't matter how nice your outfit is, if you don't have those undergarments to complete the look, it won't work. So it's really important to know your sizing and to get it properly fitted. When was the last time you did that? If you can, I highly recommend that you go out and get a proper bra fitting and at least have a really good nude and a really good black bra.

2. A great pair of jeans.

I would go for a dark wash, something very sleek and simple, minimal fading, no distressing, no stitching, no embellishments, just a really clean dark wash denim pair of jeans. Bonus tip - small and high pockets will be really helpful to lifting your bum. It gives you that illusion of a little bit of a butt lift without the added cost or the hard workout.

3. Black trousers.

You have to have a black pair of trousers or nice sleek black culottes. Any black trousers and pants are amazing because they will help minimize the hips, butt and thighs. I personally like that flared culotte style or a nice straight fit.

4. A black skirt.

So you can go A-line full skirt, pencil skirt, whatever is your style. If you do have bigger hips or thighs, I would recommend going for that A-line style. It is better for you for covering those areas.

5. Little black dress.

I like to just say black dress because I am at the age where I don't want to go for a short little black dress, but if that's your style, then go for it!

So think about the length. Knee length is my favorite length and it's appropriate for many settings like weddings or a funeral or the office or a meeting. So I like to choose a black dress that is knee length. And think about the sleeves, sleeveless or sleeves, your preference, your choice. If you go sleeveless, you can layer nicely under it as well, coming into autumn and winter.

6. A black blazer.

I love a black blazer. You can just throw it on over the pair of jeans, suit, pants, pencil skirt, trousers, literally anything you can slide it over your shoulder, wear it on top of your shoulder, dress it up with something else. It's just amazing. So a black blazer is a must. When you are looking for a blazer, I would suggest going a hip bone length. So make sure that it falls at your hip bone and the sleeves are between your wrist and your thumb knuckle. That is the best way to get a fit for you. And a black blazer is just the best versatile wardrobe piece out there. Just remember wherever the sleeve ends is, where the eyes are drawn to. So if you are insecure with your tummy and you have a three quarter [00:06:00] sleeve, you may wanna go a longer sleeve. So keep that in mind.

7. A black sweater.

This can be a turtleneck, a cardigan, or a v-neck casual sweater. It's a really great piece to have because they're awesome for layering and they keep you warm. So yes, a black sweater.

8. Black classic heels

These can be block heels, kitten, your choice. But right now pointy toes are in. So I personally like to shop a pointed block heel black shoe because it elongates your body. It gives you the illusion that you are taller with the point at the end and a block heel is just so sophisticated and classic and classy.

It's just something that goes with everything, especially when you have something amazing coming up. So pick the size of the heel and the type of heel, but definitely have a nice classic pump.

9. A black flat.

So that could be loafers, a pointy toe flat, or square round. Whatever is your vibe, but a black flat is just the everyday flat that you can go for, but please make sure it's comfortable because what is the point of having some flats, if they're not comfortable? So maybe just invest a little bit extra for good quality, go-to black flats.

10. A white button-down.

So if you are a bit bustier, you will probably have issues with a button-down shirt. All you have to do is just size up and get them tailored so that they add that extra little snap, so it closes the gap for you.

Also, a great way to pick a white button-down is to look for one that's a washable non iron or wrinkle resistance style. So that's what I like to look for when I am shopping for a white button-down.

And if you're shopping online, always check the sizing chart. It's so important because from brand to brand, to brand, the different measurements will change. And it's really important that first of all, you know your measurements. So make sure you do that first and that you click their sizing chart so you can see what the