What's Your Wardrobe Personality?

I'm currently working with a website designer and she sent me a Q and A form to fill out. I was thinking about this form as I was coming back home today. And one of the questions inside it was, what do you want people to feel when they visit your website or when they see your brand? And I thought this is also a really good question to ask my clients and myself about my personal style and the wardrobe that I currently have.

What do you want people to feel when they see your wardrobe?

Coming back to my personal brand, it's exactly the same thing. I want people to feel as if they can approach me. I want people to feel as if I have this little spunky attitude and I'm fun and bright. I want people to feel inspired by me. I want people to feel really happier around me. That's how I want people to feel.

I want to ask you these questions, do you currently feel this way right now with your wardrobe? With what you're wearing today? How do you want to feel? How would you like people to feel when they come into your wardrobe?

Imagine this, this person knocks on your door and says, “Hey, you know that one big dream that you keep thinking about, whether it's a trip to Hawaii, whether it's a dream job, whether it's a dream relationship, I'm going to give that to you. But you have to tell me through your wardrobe, who am I working with in order to give that dream to?”.

So right now, if you were to walk that person into your wardrobe, knowing that you are going to get this dream, would you be happy with your wardrobe and how you are dressing? Would you take your wardrobe and how you are dressing into that dream?

I want you to write down your list of the words you want people to feel and then open up your wardrobe and start removing any of those pieces that do not represent that word. This is going to be a lot of fun because this was the moment that it makes so much sense.

So how would you describe your wardrobe if it was a real person?