Tips and Tricks for Mixing Prints!

You Get To Decide What The Fashion Rule Is!

Dressing is like an artwork, so let's get creative!

Have you ever looked at someone's outfit and thought:

"DAMN! They look so good in that print!"

"I could never pull that style off."

"OMG, how does she look so good all the time!"

You know those questions you secretly judge in your mind, but somewhat curious on someone else's fashion creation. Maybe you doubt your own fashion style or wish you knew about adding more zest into your closet!

Well, now you can my friend!

Personally, I believe you should decide on what the fashion rule is. However, if you're just starting to venture into the world of print, then I have some easy peasy styling guidelines to help you along the way.

#1 Share At Least Two Of The Same Colours!

Sharing is totally caring, right?

This is the easiest way to match prints.

Your garments should have at least two similar colours within each print. Say you have a classic blue floral print jacket and a mosaic blueprint skirt, these two would be a great combination as the colours are similar.

It can be very intimidating when you first play with print, but it can also be hella fun!

Peak into your closet and notice which print colours are similar and try to mix & match these patterns together. You can also try doing this by going into a clothing store, grabbing different patterns with similar print colours and trying them on together.

Don't forget to take photos so you can look back on later as you start to find your unique style.

#2 Use Solid Colours To Break It Up!

Time to be solid with our closets.

If you are uncertain about going bold & fierce with print colours, how about breaking it up with a solid colour!

Breaking up print by adding solid colours will help ease you into the pattern world. It will also please the eye by keeping it neutral yet unique with patterns.

You could wear a high-waisted polka dot skirt with chunky brown leather ankle boots, a white blouse and finishing the look with a leopard print blazer.

You could wear a houndstooth coloured blazer and high boots with a white blouse, black side purse and finishing with gold jewellery.

The rule here is to break up the big bold patterns with a solid in-between. Doing this will emphasise your new cool print style but also help you enter at ease.

#3 Stripes Will Become Prints Best Friend!

Best friends bring out the best in each other.

Stripes go with most fashion prints.

Personally, black & white vertical stripes are my go-to choice as it creates the illusion of being taller & slimmer, but also blends well with brighter colours!

You could try creating a look with a striped T-shirt, yellow floral printed maxi skirt, bold red heels and a cute black side bag.

This is the perfect combo of mixing different prints AND with a solid colour. I started with stripes as my first print introduction before entering the world of polkadots. Stripes are so trendy right now and super easy to blend with other colours and prints. Try it!