Revamp Your Personal Style & Start Feeling Friggen Fabulous Again!

Just like seasons, we flow & adapt to change. And just like style we flow & adapt to seasons!

If you are lingering in a fashion rut where you wake up in the morning and don't particularly feel enthusiastic about your wardrobe, maybe it is time to consider a personal style re-vamping makeover sesh!

Life constantly changes. We must adapt to new environments including renewing our personal styles.

If you are feeling unmotivated about your current state of style and need a Lil fashion pick me up I have some perfect tips for you!

Revamp Your Personal Style & Start Feeling Friggen Fabulous Again!

#1 Unfollow Accounts That Make You Feel Crappy!

This is the best way to start clean & fresh before we prep the new you! You need to unfollow any accounts that make you doubt yourself and feel crappy on the inside.

You can do this with no guilt because you are putting yourself first!

Anytime that you are on social media and it makes you question your body type, your personality, or question your self worth! Time to say bye-bye, delete, unfollow, unfriend... adios!

Start following social accounts that make you feel great, uplifted, inspired, positive and an overall 'happiness gooey inside kinda feeling. You also want to follow pages that have a similar body type as you or someone who is genuine & real! These are the accounts that motivate me and inspire my style everyday!

Time for a reality check: It is about finding the inspiration instead of the comparison.

#2 Clear Out Your Closet!

The best way to break up with your old style is to throw away the old baggage & rearrange the new!

I love doing a wardrobe makeover, you feel fresh instantly! You need to turn on uplifting music, grab a coffee, put your hair into a serious "get shit done bun" and let the games begin!

The starting approach to this is to set up piles of Yes, No & Maybe.

Start getting messy by throwing every little piece of a garment into their belonged pile. Rule of thumb is to throw away anything that doesn't fit you, look good on you or isn't in good condition.

Once you have purged, you can re-organise and re-create a brand new closet! This then welcomes you to the third step of 'revamping your personal style...'

#3 Shop Your Own Wardrobe With Your Best Friend Pinterest!

Now that you have thrown away the baggage, re-organised your closet it is time to go SHOPPING... Just within the pleasure of your own home.

You need to treat your newly arranged wardrobe as if you are a first-time customer.

Pinterest will become your best shopping pal, as she is your go-to style guide.

I actually use Pinterest on the daily as it stimulates the spark of a fashionista mindset by using my own clothing (Which is just so friggen fabulous!)

How this works is you find a shirt within your closet, let's say a polka dot top.

Pinterest will then pair this top with other potential styles to help guide you into a new look! You may even want to type in, light blue denim jeans with a black shirt. This will give you all the different style inspo ideas to pair with it such as accessories, jackets and other garment pieces.

Save yourself a few hundred dollars and start creating multiple new looks!

#4 One Outfit Out, One Outfit In!

The best way to refresh, revive & renew your style is to adopt the rule of one outfit out, one outfit in.

This is a fun & practical way of jazzing up your wardrobe!

Once you have done the closet cleanse, you are now aware of which pieces didn't make the cut, therefore, you can start applying this rule into your life. Every time you buy something new, you must get rid of something old. You can sell the old garment on Facebook market place to make extra cash or donate to charity.

This is a rule that needs to become apart of your shopping habits.

Not only is it sensible, but you will feel confident knowing that you are not shopping out of boredom. This will keep your personal style feeling fresh!

#5 Find Your Signature Style Scent Or Polish

The sweetest way to revamp your personal style is to invest in a new signature scent, polish or both!

I have my go-to French nude nail polish, which I simply adore! Sometimes all it takes is an original colour to lift your personal style. Find a signature colour that you love and wear it every day! This also goes for perfume. I have 5 different bottles in my closet, but I will always wear ‘the one’ because I know that is me!

Go out and find your newest signature product!!

Start feeling fabulous and confident by showing off the new YOU!!

Make a statement girlfriend.

#6 Refresh Your Work Wardrobe!

If you can wear what you want to work, then this is an important style-revamping step you must take!

A lot of us spend most of our day at work, which might be a bit of a drag at times. Don’t let your fashion go through it as well! It is time for you to refresh your work wardrobe by adopting the above rules in step four.

Not only will you start feeling confident but the power of a new style will bring positive attention to the workplace.

Feel great and leave with great impressions!

Don’t forget; Pinterest in your shopping best friend, she will help guide you with new workwear styling inspiration.

#7 Seek Professional Beauty Advice!

When inspired by others, you inspire you!

I LOVE seeking professional beauty advice. Not only does it encourage me to think outside of my ‘usual’ styling routine, it provides me with the confidence to feel fabulously new again!

I am no expert with makeup, pretty basic actually. I learned about eyebrows when I was in my local Sephora store. I sought professional beauty advice on how to style my brows and gained so much information! I also got advice on lipstick blending and face contouring. Who is this new lady?

I am amazed by the amount of new inspiring beauty advice that is out there!

If you will wear the product, you may as well learn new beauty techniques and start feeling friggen fabulous!

#8 Stop Caring What Others Think!

Personal style comes personal care.

To REALLY revamp your personal style and start feeling fabulous, you must practice self love and stop caring what others think.