My rule for buying clothes

One of the most common questions I get asked as a fashion stylist is how do you decide to buy your clothing pieces? This is something I am very strict with what comes home with me. I think it's going to be really important to build up your confidence with yourself when it comes to buying, but also in your everyday life decisions as well.

Do you want it or do you need it?

My friend and I grabbed a whole bunch of pieces for a styling reel and I loved every single one of them, but I only ended up buying two pieces and that is because every single time I put on an outfit, I always ask the questions, do I actually need these pieces? Do I see myself wearing them often? Do I see myself styling them in many different ways? And when I get a yes out of that, then I buy it.

This is really important because if you are just going in with the mindset of “I want it”, then you bring it home and you are not really needing it. You are not using it. So, I want you to try this next time to ask yourself, “Do I actually need this thing that I'm about to buy?”.

How I use this rule

I was invited to an event and I asked myself, do I need to go to this event? No, I don't really need to go to this event. It was a business event and what they were trying to teach me, show me, I already knew.

And I don't really need to know anymore. However, I wanted to socialize. I wanted to network. But I sat with myself and there was something stopping me because the answer to my question is not a yes and it got to the point where I decided I didn't want to go. Even though at the moment I was excited and I thought maybe I can network but it's not what I needed in my business and I am so glad that I didn't go because it was the right move.

Saying no to things in general

This can go for you with your life, too. You ask better questions about whether or not you want to go. Sometimes in life, we get so caught out with reacting and responding at the moment and it's okay to stop and think about it first. I'm giving you full permission to be okay with saying no to things. People, situations, events, whatever it is. And there are ways how you can say no and how you can feel better after saying no.

I want you to start asking better questions and keeping boundaries with yourself. This is how you start to build confidence. This obviously doesn't mean every little thing in your life.

If you have an important meeting to go to at work or you've got something to do with the children, or there is a big family emergency, of course, do what is right. What I am trying to help you with here are little things and events. Those sorts of things that I'm giving you permission to ask better questions for so that you can start seriously directing your happiness to you. We're all about doing the right thing for ourselves and just taking those baby steps.

Start off going shopping first and asking better questions when you purchase some items and then slowly introduce this rule into your life with other little things that you don't need to do and it's okay to say no.