Jeans size differences are just numbers

I have five pairs of jeans and they're all different sizes. So what is going on? I read a meme that said, “this is why women get frustrated with their jeans.” That’s why I wanted to talk about this in case you are feeling the same way when it comes to sizing and especially with jeans sizes.

The thing is all these jeans actually fit me differently when my body changes during the day.

I don't know if you can relate to this, but sometimes none of the jeans fit me. Those days where you ask yourself, What? They don't fit me? I only wore this yesterday. Did they really shrink in the washing machine? No, that's not it.

I like to think of our bodies as magical beings that just shift their shape all the time and that's why we have different sizes. Well, for me anyway, and this is also why shopping can be so hard and extremely hard for a lot of my clients.

Your mental health is so much more important than worrying about what you're wearing. I used to say this to my clients all the time. No one has ever come up to me or you, I bet and said, I really love those pair of jeans that you're wearing. What is that size? No, honestly, they usually say, I love what you're wearing. Where did you get the jeans from?

If anyone ever comes up and says, oh, what size are you? Ooh, well, you know what I say, turn around and show off your beautiful booty in those beautiful jeans and let them speak about you behind your back. That is honestly how I feel.

So even though I have between size 10 and size 14 in my closet, my body changes and I accept that and I love that and I have styles that represent my body’s mood because my body is a mood. My body is a vibe and we have to love our body.

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