How to take action in your life

Today I want to talk about taking actions, taking bloody actions in your life.

If you have been delaying taking action in your life, then this post is a bit of inspiration for you.

Why not take the action just to see where it goes? Why not? We get so caught up the “what ifs,” and the whys of doing what we want to do. And we stop ourselves from chasing those goals and those dreams and those visions. Action is really where it's at. It doesn't have to be perfect. There's actually a quote that I resonated with the other day.

“Does this decision expand you?”

If the answer is, yes, then do the thing. Because it's going to open up possibilities for you and it's going to raise your vibe. And that's what this blog is all about. It is all about raising your vibration, becoming the best version of yourself in this lifetime and taking those actions. Because that's the fun of life.

Life is like a videogame

I like to play life like a game.

I believe that life is like a video game. When you play a game and you are at level one, it's easy. You get to level two, it's still quite easy. And then you go to level three and it gets a little harder. And then you meet this big boss that you've got to battle and beat before you get to level four.

I believe in our life, our decisions are a little like that. Whenever there is a challenge in your life and it repeats itself, the same thing that keeps coming over and over and over again, and you think, why does this situation keep happening? That is your boss in the game. You have to beat her. You have to battle it. You have to decide if you want to stay on this level, basically, meaning this life that you're living right now, or do you want to level up. Do you want to get to the next chapter? Do you want to play the next game? Do you want to see what happens next? You have to beat that challenge. You have to beat that boss.

What I do is I embrace it. I challenge it. I go head-on with it.

How I embrace a challenge

For example, I was so scared to post on TikTok because I know there are a lot of haters on there and they do it for fun. I am a sensitive person and it does get overwhelming for me. A video of mine went viral not long ago and I deleted it because I was getting so many random rude comments for no reason. I couldn't handle it. And I was thinking, that's not my vibe. Oh, no, no, no. So I deleted it. And then another video started going viral and I started getting these random haters again and I deleted that as well. And then I realized, wait a second. I can't level up because I have not overcome this challenge. This is repeating for a reason. This is what I need to focus my energy on right now. I need to figure out why this is happening. How I can stop it from happening?

The conclusion I came to for this particular level - I need to just let it happen. I need to let these videos go viral. I then did two things - I blocked and deleted the people that were rude and horrible, or I didn’t read the comments. I didn’t allow myself to fall into mindset of,

“I'm not good enough.” “I need to delete this.” “Oh my God, that person said this about my hair.”

I needed to just remember, “No, that's your opinion. It's none of my business.”

So after I had that moment, I thought, whenever a video of mine would go viral on TikTok and I attract those fake profiles and those people that are just rude, I'm not going to read the comments. And if I do read the comments, (because I love replying back to my community,) I'm going to delete anyone that makes me feel crappy within the first three seconds of me feeling, “this is a bad comment.”

And guess what happened? I don't get those comments anymore. It's almost now as if it's neutral. Now I anticipate it, and know that it’s just me speaking my truth. And I don't attract it anymore. I levelled up. I'm now level four of my game!

Stand up and saying “no more!”

This has happened my entire life. People in my previous workplaces used to bully me. I used to attract that in my working environment, in the office and I would just quit and leave and then start a new job. Six months later, one of the girls in the office would pick on me again, I'd quit and leave. Pick another job until one day I decided not to tolerate it anymore, not to take it on anymore.

It was so hard, but I stood up to the bully. I stood up to this person and I said, no, this is not acceptable. Your behaviour is not acceptable. I don't appreciate the way you're speaking to me. And the way you're speaking to the customer, I'm not going to tolerate this. And I took it further and that person actually ended up getting a warning. And it wasn't just me who complained. There were a lot of people that had complained about this person. And people started coming up to me after it happened, saying, thank you so much. I was so scared to say something. And this person made me feel this way, but because of you, I was able to speak up.

So here's the thing. When something repeats in your life over and over and over again, that's you stuck in your game.

That's you getting stuck in this level and you need to take the action because that's what it's all about.

Taking the action. You've got to take the action to decide “no more.” I'm going beat this boss and we're going to level up, because we are looking for that vibe lifestyle. Because here is the crazy thing - when you get uncomfortable, that’s when the magic happens.

Being uncomfortable is where the magic happens

I do this so often in my life, when you push to that uncomfortable level, magical things happen. Opportunities come your way. People come your way, money comes your way, and experiences come your way. Self-love comes your way. It's really wild. And the way that you do this, is you take action. You take action. So ask the question. Does this decision expand me? And if it does, then take action. And if something in your life is repeating itself over and over and over again, say enough is enough.

Stop running away from it and start taking it head-on, start embracing it with confidence and knowing that you deserve better, that you are no longer going to live in this cycle of “what ifs”.

Start listening to yourself and start taking action and gain control of your life.

I hope this has helped you change your mindset. Just that little bit extra, because that is what it's all about here.