How to stop wearing the colour black

I hear what you're trying to say.

You really want to wear a safe colour other than black.

These three tips will help you move away from wearing all black and I cannot wait to share them with you because this is a great way to gradually introduce colour to your wardrobe without the fear of going from black to vibrant red.

Tip #1: Start introducing new colours with your accessories

I want you to think about your jewellery, your scarves, your shoes, your lipstick colour, hats, belts, and bags, all those fun accessory pieces! This will be the starting point for you to add more colour.

Now, this is because we want to slowly introduce different colours that feel safe to us without feeling overwhelmed, especially if all you have been wearing most of your life is the colour black.

It could be a little daunting going from black to blue, to bright pink. So we are going to do this with our accessories. Pick that one accessory that you always grab and choose a different colour, choose a bright colour.

It's a small thing, but it will help you.

Tip #2: Try wearing these colours instead

If you don't have these colours, go shopping for them.

Navy, dark green, plum or maroon. T

These are great for a neutral base because typically we go for black as our neutral base.

If you intend to move away from black, we will introduce other darker colours, other shades, colours like your dark blues, your greens, your plums, are beautiful, dark neutral bases will really help with this change.

Tip #3: Add a few shirts or blouses

Add some styles with understated prints that incorporate black.

In order to feel comfortable and familiar with these newer colours that we would like to introduce, we are gradually training ourselves to do so.

If you are struggling with the idea of confidence when it comes to wearing colour, but you love the idea of wearing colour and you love how it makes others look and feel, these style tips will really help you.

And we have to start slow and don't put pressure on ourselves.

That's what I'm here for, it's a vibe girlfriend.

We've got this!

Start slowly.

Introduce new different colours with your accessories.

Start small, then try different shades.

Start wearing a navy pair of activewear leggings with a dark green top, or maybe you have a beautiful plum dress that you can wear to the office, or maybe you have a really nice grey top to pair with a nice dark pair of plum pants.

Begin by experimenting with different shades of colours first, and then try different prints, but make sure to incorporate a bit of black in between the colour and the print. If you really want to step it up, pick a dark navy or a dark green, and if you start apply