How To Layer Your Clothes!

You log online and you scroll to only find polished and sleek outfits one after another, Or maybe someone in your office always seems to be "put together." You then look down and you're grateful that you at least got out of your PJs.

If... you even got out of them! Haha!

You go to your wardrobe and you seem to always grab the same basic tee, pants and shoes. You might even have a stack of cool pieces and accessories just crying out to be worn, but you are just not sure on how to layer your clothing.

Have you ever wondered what the secret it?

How do others make it look so damn easy?


There are 5 simple ways in doing this.


#1 The Colour Family

The best way to layering is to begin with the colours of your pieces. You want to stick to one or two colour families, even with your accessories! It's all about complementing colours together as families should and pairing others to that tone. Example above ^ See how the colours in this image are a cooler tone? Light grey tee, white crisp skirt paired nicely with a navy coat. You could then add grey or white sneakers, a light shade bag and silver jewellery to complete this style. Print is also okay, just keep the print to one piece.

#2 Fabric Blending

You want to stick to 3 different fabrics and play around with the pieces. Cotton, denim and wool are a lovely start to styling and it will help to create a variety of different looks. I love wearing a pair of denim mom jeans, a cotton white tee, a wooly coat and ankle boots. A nice mix of texture is key to styling.

#3 Balancing

This is an essential styling rule for layering. The trick here is to add balance to your look, if you opt for volume on the bottom, keep your top fitted. Example above ^ See how the skirt is a pleated mini skirt, paired with a basic slim tee and a denim jacket! The balance is the two different styling schemes which pull in together nicely. Same goes with any fitted straight bottoms, you would add volume and flair on top.

#4 One Bulky Item

The trick to layering is to keep it toned down. You only want to add one bulky item to your outfit. This can be an oversized scarf, teddy coat, a long chunky cardigan or bold accessories. Think of a chunky item as the last key styling piece once you have your colours, textures and proportions set.

#5 Have Fun

The ultimate rule. Having fun is key to everything when it comes to your personal style. Learning how to layer right can take time, but if you start playing around with layering now, you'll get a clear understanding of what you like. There are so many combinations, you just have to have fun and start pairing together different layering pieces until it feels right.