How To Get Excited Over Your Wardrobe Again


It's not you, it's me.

So you're feeling a little uninspired about your current wardrobe situation. It's like when you are hungry so you check the fridge and nothing is in there. Then you go back to the fridge just in case you missed something but nothing is of interest.. so you go out and buy some new food.

Well, it's the same with your wardrobe, right?


I have ways to resolve this feeling.

Trust me when I say I have been there. Gosh!

The number of times I have spent staring at my wardrobe, chucking a tantrum, trying on many different outfits and then going back to something I wore the other day because I felt uninspired and unhappy. Not to mention the amount of times my partner has said, "Pick something already." ha.

I knew my wardrobe wasn't going anywhere. I also knew that I couldn't afford to spend hundreds just to lift my fashion mood.

So, I took action and I am here to share with you my top 4

'How To Get Excited Over Your Wardrobe Again' formula.


Seriously, put on your favourite playlist.

The first thing I do is get into a positive high vibe mood before I tackle my wardrobe. By putting on your best uplifting favourite playlist this encourages you to naturally feel good before you begin.

Its time to get a little Cray Cray.

I literally pull all my clothing off the hangers & out from the draws then throw them onto my bed. It's a marvellous mess, but it's a mess we need to fix.

Start creating a love & hate pile.

Only hang up what you absolutely love and anything that you have worn in the last 6 months. Make a pile of all the clothing you are unsure of and haven't worn in over 6 months. In the meantime, try to arrange your clothing neatly with colours together and categorise them so you feel proud to look at your wardrobe.

I like to start mine light to dark, so I'll go white to blue to green to yellows to orange.. and so on. You can follow the colour wheel for reference if you are a little lost! But it comes down to personal preference on how you like to arrange your wardrobe.

This will help you get clear on what you have and get rid of what you don't like all while you are dancing and feeling excited.

It's all about the mood baby!


Even if you own the one pair of earrings.

Find all your accessories and do the same with your clothing. Recently, I have started displaying my favourite pieces of jewellery on the middle shelf in my closet. This reminds me to finish my outfit with some cute necklaces or earrings. I have a glass bowl with the big pieces and a golden turtle holder with all my small pieces.

No judgment okay haha. I got it when I first ever moved out and still love it.. haha.

By prepping your jewellery and having them displayed in front of you is a great way to motivate your personal style and start bringing outfits together.


If you haven't already, download the app immediately!

Let the fun begin!

By now we have organised our wardrobe with some awesome energy and we are ready to start falling in love again. This is the fun part. YAY!

First, download the Pinterest app and start creating an inspirational wardrobe 'go-to board.' We are going to pin outfits we love AND what we already have in our wardrobe. So say you have a polka dot white top and jeans search that until you find someone wearing something similar to what you have.

You want to find new ways on how to dress up your wardrobe with already pieces you own. I am known for my basic styling; however, I learned a lot from other fashion bloggers that have a similar minimalistic styling with a Lil tweaking involved.

Example, I had a printed Tee, woolly cardigan and blue denim jeans in the wardrobe. I started searching styles with those titles and I found a blogger that dressed an outfit that looked pretty close to what I owned.

So I pinned it!

I went to my wardrobe, copied her style with my clothing and LOVED IT! I have never dressed up these 3 combinations of pieces before and I am so glad that I found the inspo because it was like a whole new outfit for me.

You'll be surprised how quickly you will start falling in love with already owned fashion items... experiment with it and have fun!


That's right, we are going back to the past.

This is one of my favourite fashion tips for bringing back that wardrobe love. I will go back through my Instagram and find old styles I have worn and yet still own. Sometimes we forget what we looked like in our outfits, so this is the best way to reminisce and find that inspiration again.

I have found old photos of me dressed in an outfit from heels to jewellery that I forgot about and decided to re-create the look!

This is a great way to fall back in love with your wardrobe because it's easy and you already know you will look fabulous. I mean, we only really post the best photos, so you were feeling great that day when you posted it! This just means you will feel great all over again.


This is the time for you to get excited about your wardrobe again by following my 'Secret Sarah Fashion Formula.'

These tips have helped me to get out of a fashion rut whilst saving me from spending hundreds all because I felt uninspired. I like to do this every six months as fashion changes over time, especially when you go from Summer to Winter. This is when you will bring forward your winter collection and start doing the same techniques as above.

I hope you start feeling inspired by your wardrobe again! If you have any personal tips on wardrobe revamping, I would love to here it in the comments or by contacting me through my email.

Much love,

shessoseasonal x