Dressing strategically to gain control of your body shape!

To begin, ask yourself the question:

"Does this piece of clothing enhance or minimise the area?"

You want to be dressing strategically!

One of the main concerns that I hear from my clients is how to hide problem areas. This is something that most of us women go through as we naturally find parts of the body that we do not love.

I mean, we should love everything about our body, however, that is not the case for a lot of us.

I have decided to share with you the top 3 styling tips that I use with my clients on how to strategically dress for your body shape!

#1 Emphasise Your Best Parts!

The golden tip & part of cultivating your personal style.

By asking yourself the above question, it will help you think about each clothing that you are placing on your body. You want to be showing off your best parts with bold prints, colours and details! This immediately draws attention towards that area which will be the focus point for you & others. The areas you don't particularly like, dress in darker colours, plain styling, and with little details. Darker shades of colours work best, especially if you have dressed up your favourite areas! Example: Darker shade jeans, bright colourful top!

#2 Dress To Send A Message!

Did you know that 12 decisions are made about you in the first 7 seconds of meeting?

Whoa! That is why we must dress to the message we want others to feel. What are your clothes saying about you? Dressing strategically to send a message is all about controlling how you are feeling. If you feel confident in what you are wearing, others will notice. To gain a promotion, think about certain colours that will help you stand out. On a first date, you want to be warm and approachable, think about how your clothing can voice it for you. If you are easygoing, grounded and kind, pick clothes that are soft, draped and eclectic.

#3 Discover The Rules

If you have my styling E-body book, you will know specifically what it entails to your shape.

A very basic "rule" on dressing for your shape is to accentuate curves, bust and hips while defining the waist. Which is super interesting because when you learn about your body shape and see a piece of clothing in a store, you can find ways on dressing it up or down to make it work for you! There are many strategic ways of dressing for your body shape that can actually enhance the clothing itself. Say all you see is cropped pants, the mid-calf length can visually shorten you. There is a way around it! You want to choose colours in contrast between the pants and your skin! For an extra boost, add shoes with heels to appear taller.

The next time you are shopping or getting dressed!

Try to think about these 3 tips to help cultivate your personal style.

If you would like to learn more about your body shape, get your very own styling E-Body Book.

Or, together we can define, refresh and enhance your personal style using strategical dressing techniques to becoming the most stylish version of yourself by booking a private Styling Session.

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