Building Your Capsule Shoe Wardrobe

I received a beautiful message from one of my outfit edit members, and it caught my attention. This is what she said: Any tips on a capsule shoe wardrobe? In particular, shoes that can be interchanged for a semi-formal office to the weekend.

The reason I love this question so much is that we often forget about how to create a shoe capsule wardrobe. So if you're someone that feels overwhelmed by all the shoe choices out there, and you really want to niche down your wardrobe, then this is for you.

One of the best things that we can do is build out a capsule shoe wardrobe that features timeless styles. They're the styles that are perfect for mixing and matching different outfits because they have their own individual style, but they work so well together. So how do we do this and what does this look like?

Top five must-have shoes to help you create a capsule wardrobe

Before we begin with my top five capsule shoe wardrobe, I just want to mention that you will be the one to choose your own colours and your own detailed styles.

If you don't know your personal style, then just stick with classic tones, such as black and beige and a polished look, rather than those trendy studs and laces and all the funky trendy looks.

1. The ballet flat

This is the most comfortable option for any occasion. You can wear the ballet flat with trousers, a dress, or your favourite pair of jeans or shorts, and you can seriously walk all day long in a ballet flat or dance all night long in a ballet flat without that discomfort and pain.

A ballet flat is just a really easy, go-to look that you can pop on when you don’t know what you're doing for the day, but you know that your shoes have got your back.