Are you being judged by your outfit?

Have you ever bought something that you loved and you thought, “Yes! This was amazing. This is my style. I love it.” And then someone makes a negative comment about it? This feeling happens to a lot of people.

Don’t worry. I understand you and I already helped many of my styling clients go through this feeling and rewrite the narrative and I want you to go through this as well.

Rewrite the narrative

I had a lady who loved these red boots until one day someone made a comment saying, “Oh, it reminds me of my grandma.” It devastated her and she felt old.

I asked her, “Do you still love them?”. And she said, Yes.

I said, “Okay, we need to change the narrative.” You are going to wear those red shoes every single day and compliment yourself and she did. She actually got compliments at her office.

She bought these shoes five years ago, put them away in her closet, and never wore them. Then finally took action to wear them again.

And now she has rewritten the way that she feels about those shoes.

Another client of mine had a gorgeous printed, floral dress that she loved until one day her sister said it looks like a tablecloth.

So, what's stopping her? What's stopping you? It’s the fear of judgment. And we have to rewrite the narrative, rewrite the ending.

If you have a wardrobe piece that you absolutely adore, or there's a wardrobe piece that you want to buy, but a memory pops up and tells you a different reason why you can't have it or why you shouldn't wear it.

I challenge you to challenge that thought and say, I am going to wear it. I'm going to be proud and I'm going to express myself and have fun. And if anybody judges me, I'm going to quickly turn around and say, "Thank you, but your opinion doesn't matter because I love what I'm wearing."

And this is going on with me right now.

If anyone says anything about my shoes and they don't like that, then that's okay. That's their personal opinion, but it makes me feel beautiful. It's my style. I love those open-toed styles of shoes.

I want you to know that you are definitely not alone and to always trust yourself in how you feel. If you really love something, then you should be showing that off. You should encourage others to see you glow in what you love. If people judge you and they tell you their personal opinions, then you can take that. But don't sit on that. Don't let that ruin your gorgeous pair of shoes or those dresses that you have, or the accessory piece that you bought.

It's time to take action and rewrite the narrative and let's give the love back to those pieces. That is what I want you to do. I hope this helped you love those wardrobe pieces again. Start showing up with confidence and more love.