7 Ways To Snap Out Of The Funk, Change Your Habits & Become Motivated Again.

Okay, you've hit a roadblock.

Not just any roadblock but one big annoying one that doesn't seem to move.

Hang on!

You do realise you can go around it right?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't.

I suppose this is why you have come over to my page because you require a little bit of motivational encouragement to kick this annoying rock in the ass.

Sometimes we get ourselves into a funk because of the behaviours in what we do.


A funk mentality is the feeling of being unmotivated, uninspired and unhappy about where you are in life. You might procrastinate on everything or you just have zero motivation and you start to avoid the things that need to be done. This can put you in a state of fatigue as funk drains your useful energy.

I was recently in a funk mindset just after the Christmas holiday. I was a victim of the funk realm where I plunged into the lazy trap and closed my book of goals and ambitions as I couldn't be bothered with it anymore.

My Netflix obsession blew in and it hooked me on all TV dramas.

I was indulging in delicious food, but it was very unhealthy food. I stopped caring about my appearance & my living environment in a negative way. This is when the little judgy Sarah gremlin was born and she started comparing her life to everybody else around her.

The funk Gremlin won...

However, that was back then!


Are you in a funk right now? Well, since you are on my page you most likely are OR maybe you are just curious on how to also kick this gremlins butt if she ever appears.


Your outcome of life is often your lagging measures of habits.

What does this mean?

Well, the keywords here are 'lagging' and 'habits.'

Let's say for example the inside of your car is always dirty, only speaking from experience here.

You are leaving those empty cappuccino cups in your car and allowing them to pile up along with old food wrappers. Hey! No judgement, food life chose me, okay! So the weeks, even months go on and you hit a point where your dog won't even enter your car because it smells like a trash compactor.

Ew, I know this is gross but stay with me on this one.

You finally grab your pink gloves and you clean it, YAY! Good job.

A week goes by and you leave behind one empty coffee cup in your car because life gets busy. Hmm, but suddenly a month has crept up and the inside of your car is totally back to the same lifestyle of smelling & looking like that damn trash compactor.

So what is happening here?

This is a habit that you have bred.

This is a lagging habit that you are allowing to multiply.

The habit is, you are not clearing out your car each time you drink & eat in it. You are leaving it as a mess until it gets too gross to handle therefore you are being forced to clean it or the car will compact you up as well.

I hate to admit this to you but you are being a little lazy here and the habit is continuing... AND I hate to admit this to myself but this information is based on my behaviour, so it's time we both get a slap in the face of a reality truth bomb.