6 Signs That You Are An Empath

Do you ever come home and feel exhausted after a day out at the mall?

Do you ever catch yourself sensing that the person you are with might be suffering even if they are smiling?

Have you ever instinctively picked up on a 'Vibe' from a stranger and felt a sudden change of emotions in yourself?

These are just a few signs that you are an in-fact an empath. Empaths are highly sensitive people who can pick up on the emotions and energies of others.

For a long time, I struggled with feeling insecure about my sensitivities. I was always that girl growing up 'feeling' strongly about what people say or how they may act. I never understood why I struggled to maintain my energy at a shopping mall after only an hour of being there, let alone a festival. Anytime I was around negativity I would continue to feel angry or sad hours after the situation occurred. I never understood this until one day mum sent me an article about signs that I could be an Empath.

A light bulb moment went off and I finally felt connected to the universe and inner self. I have created the list below with my own experiences of signs that you too are an Empath.

If you find yourself agreeing to these signs just know that I am here for you and I understand you.

I understand you.

Highly Intuitive

When you know, you just know!

Empaths are naturally skillful at picking up on the feelings of those around them without that person even speaking.

Empaths just know.

They can walk into a room, tell who is feeling what and somehow know the why. It's more than a gut feeling, its almost as if we can literally feel what someone is thinking. This is so powerful and a blessing we Empaths should appreciate it.

I used to brush this off as being a weirdo who was sensitive to my environments and those around me. I never understood why I would leave a person and feel an emotion I didn't intend on feeling at the beginning. Now I know I am 100% an Empath! I embrace this ability and love that I am able to feel other's emotions and try to help. I have also learned how to let go when I leave so that I don't carry this around. This is another topic I will cover.

Once you accept and learn that you are an Empath, Your whole world will change for the better.

We care, Thats okay.

Highly Observant

Attention to detail but with GREAT attention.

Empaths notice everything!

They will notice if you have been working more or less, the reason you dress a certain way, the way you eat and the way you do a certain task.

Speaking of attention to details, as I type this blog I noticed Jason has gone quiet on the lounge and every-time I look up his grin is growing the more he types. Intuitively I pick up that he is typing something funny or lame online and when I questioned him on it he laughed and told me I was right.

Honestly, It's just feeling that you already know the answer to before they tell you. This is created because of certain movements or energies bouncing off them.

It's not that we want to watch you, we just can't help but notice.

Naturally Sensitive

Sensitivity is quite beautiful.

This is one of Empaths main traits which for me was a blessing and a curse. I could blab on about this topic and tell you the story of my life but that will be saved for another blog topic. By being naturally sensitive you are hurt easily by the emotions of others but you also can help easily when others are hurting. Empaths will absorb the feelings of another human being and continue to hold onto that even when they have left the room. If someone is crying you might find yourself wanting to cry and feel the pain of what the other is feeling. If someone is joyful and optimistic you will find yourself feeling motivated and inspired to tackle the world.

It is very important to control and let go of any negative emotions you take on so that you can protect this amazing ability that you have.

This is my superpower.

Empathetic, Compassionate & Naturally Helpful

Always there for you no matter what is going on in their lives.

Empaths have this amazing ability to drop what they are doing and be there. You know when you meet a stranger and then they start to share a personal story and for some reason, you feel as if you were apart of the story? It's because you invest easily and become attached to other emotions. You are willing to put yourself in someone else'