5 Ways To Stop Putting People On A Pedestal

You are a Diamond! It's time to start glowing like one

How to stop putting people on a pedestal? It's all to do with YOU!

You might not even realise that you are doing this!

It shows up in many ways however, one way we introduce the pedestal is through admiration. When you admire someone's talent or personality with so much intense emotion, you start feeling less than them. You think they have something MORE to offer. Some of you might consciously know this, but most may be doing this on a subconscious level.

So how do you know if you are doing this?

The Pedestal Thinking Game:

They have a better figure.

They make a lot more money.

They have stronger social connections.

They have a better personality than me.

They are the best and I am only good at...

Their relationship is always perfect!

Everyone loves them.

They are everything I'm not.

They are better than me.

Everything they seem to do just works!

They have their life together.

The minute you place someone on a pedestal you shrink your existence and you devalue yourself. When you do this, you become addicted to comparing and wanting the next level up, this becomes a vicious cycle.

So say you are a millionaire, you start hanging around these people or even billionaire's. You then want to be the next level up so you started to compare yourself to the billionaire's and it becomes an endless avenue of growth 'perfection.'

Okay, you might not be a millionaire haha I'm certainly not!

So here is more of a likelihood example:

You want to be a fashion blogger so you connect with other bloggers in your community. You come across a group of girls who have achieved a lot... A LOT more than you have per se. So you start comparing and placing them on a pedestal. Everything they seem to do you seem to think less of within yourself as if you can never be at their level. They have it all, the money, the relationship, the outfits, the lifestyle, and even the dog you want. You admire them, yes, but you are also devaluing your existence and journey.

Stop making everyone else important by putting everyone else above you.

Energetically you are putting out that you don't matter, that you are not important and that you can't get what you want. You will then attract this belief with the law of attraction throughout money, career, friends, relationship and life.

Life would be boring if we had nothing to achieve with growth

It is okay to be wherever you are right now!

None of us is any better than the other person, you are disempowering yourself by thinking this way. It is almost an excuse:

"They can do it because they are that way and I can't.'

If you have ever thought this statement, STOP!

Don't dismiss your own power of belief.

It is pointless comparing to others as you will always come across someone who seems to have it better off than you - It isn't true.

No one is better, a lot of us are flawed.

People you admire could actually be admiring something they see in you. Life is a journey of growth. Don't stop growing your full potential with the distracting thought that someone else is doing better.

If you put someone on a pedestal, then they have no choice but to look down on you

You may be so vulnerable to what other people say because you think they are better than you. That they have some sort of authority over you. That they know more than you do. That they're smarter than you. That they're cooler than you. That they're bigger than you.

Well, they're not.

No one is better than you! Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. You decide your own actions. Don't suck up to other people. Don't put anyone on a pedestal.

Treat them as your equal.

Forget what other people say. Why do they get to dictate your life?

They don't. You are you. There is no one like you. You are a wolf. Never forget that.


#1 Look Inside

Everyone is a reflection of you!

Instead of being busy marrying someone else's quality realise that this is a reflection for your own potential.

What you admire about someone is in fact what you can be great at!

Look inside and ask yourself:

What is it you truly admire about this person?

What is it about them you want to be like?

Is it the fact that they have a nice figure? Maybe they are very successful? Is it how confident they are? How about the loving connection they have with their spouse or maybe they have a certain talent that you like?

Instead of obsessing over this person by sitting at home and watching them online! How about you find out what it is exactly what you admire and start to see your own potential?

Say you like someone's work ethics, flourish your own by showing up and become committed to your own projects! Say its a body type you are envious off, well then go to the gym and start today! Results will come but you have to stay committed. Maybe it's the fact that they have a different personality then you and you wish you could have their spunky attitude towards life? Well, practise self-love first and find your spunky own personality type.

When you sit on the couch and start feeling like you don't have the talent or voice, you begin to put yourself down. You begin to believe it is easier to not put yourself out there because you might get shut down, therefore, change never happens.

People would rather admire other's than looking inside and admiring themselves.

Know that you have the POTENTIAL to be great.

Everyone is a reflection of what you want.

Don't place them on that pedestal, WORK ON IT GIRL!

#2 Focus on self

The best measure is self-referencing.

Start spending time acknowledging all the things you are good at. Are you good at helping others? Are you good at writing? Are you good at listening? Maybe you are great at makeup (I'm not), are you good at a certain sport? What about singing? Painting? Being on time? Organised? A healthy eater? Complimenting? The list goes on and on.

You need to actively start valuing what is important to you and acknowledge your skills in that area.

For me, I am great at picking up people's energy and connecting to them on their level. As I am a sensitive, spiritual Empath I can intuitively sense what someone is going through. By knowing this, I have developed stronger talents in other areas of my life such as the ability to become more confident in speaking up.

Reinforce what it is that you are good at and you will see just how good you are at it.