5 Ways To Shop Like A Pro!

Shopping can be stressful & unsuccessful!

It's all about smart shopping by planning like a pro!!

I get it; you walk into a store hoping to finding something you like, let alone it actually fits you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with choices and don't exactly know how to style new clothing with pieces already owned in your wardrobe.

Shopping is exhausting and can be expensive if you don't have a game plan.

Well... That's about to change!

Here are 5 steps to help you plan your next shopping session & become a pro at it!

#1 Create a fashion inspiration board with Pinterest

Create a board & title it "Style Inspo."

Pinterest is basically like a fashion "google hub," you can literally find anything by searching styling keywords!

You want to search your favourite already owned pieces. Example: white tee with black skinny jeans, red culottes styles, or floral maxi dress styles.

This will bring up a bunch of different styling outfits for you to pin & save to your board. Do this with all your favourite pieces & don't worry if the fashion model is wearing other pieces that you don't own... we will get to that part.

This goes for magazines, Instagram, Facebook, google images, Basically you want to find any source that you draw fashion inspiration from and start creating styling boards.

#2 Deconstruct the look

What outfits do you like the most from your style board?

You will now deconstruct the look into individual pieces.

Do you have some or none? Say you found an image of someone wearing a white tee with white sneakers, but you don't have the jeans, bag, jewellery or whatever else is in the photo. It's all about jotting down what you love about a particular style and checking in with your closet to see if you own these key pieces.

Try to do this with a bunch of different styles and see if there is a trend happening. You'll easily start figuring out what missing pieces you need to fill into your wardrobe.

This will help define your personal style as you start creating a list of all the things you actually want & need, rather than spending pointless time around at the shops.

#3 Go online

It's all about researching like a stylist!

You want to search key pieces into Google from all the deconstructed looks and place them into categories. Start searching your keywords online (striped cropped tee, chunky white sneakers, brown tote bag) and note the price, colour, style & the brand.

If you find one you automatically love, then well done!

However, I like to look between 2-4 of the same pieces, before I decide. If you have your favourite brands, just search through their websites.

I tend to do both. I will go to H&M, Zara, Kmart, for example, and key in my fashion words.

If It's more specific, I will go through "google shopping," I set my location to Australia, and find out what other stores have that I may have not considered before. Google Shop is a serious life hack! It's so helpful and It's where I do most of my research for my styling clients.

#5 Don't shop on emotion

How are you feeling today?