3 Tips to Build Outfit Confidence

When you don't know what to wear, it can feel as if the world is against your outfit. But there are some things that will help build confidence in an outfit and make people want to be more adventurous with fashion choices!

You can gain more confidence when building your next outfit by following these three tips.

ONE: Add 5% more

On my Instagram account, I often talk about the 5% rule. The idea is to add 5% extra to your outfit every day. You can go from drag to fab and use your wardrobe pieces this way. When you put on an outfit, ask yourself: how can I level this up by 5%?

Is that a colour swap?

Does that mean you need to add a belt?

Can you throw away the old jeans that don't fit anymore?

You could even paint your nails a brighter colour.

How will you up-level your outfit with 5% extra today, and how will you up-level it further tomorrow?

TWO: Design and promote your outfit

“Your outfit is your energy”.

The way you dress projects your energy to the world, so it's important that when designing an outfit or just about any part of life for yourself in general-you take into consideration what will project out there.