3 Helpful Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Instagram

Comparison is your self-esteems worse enemy

If you constantly view other people's strengths and compare those to your weakness, it will dim your character.

This needs to stop today!

Self-confidence & Happiness is the key to a fulfilling lifestyle. I wrote an article on happiness which you can read here. You will find life-changing advice that will help you develop and strengthen your awareness on how to become a happier person.

However, if you are someone who constantly compares yourself to the online world, you will love this page as I share with you 3 helpful ways to stop comparing, start loving and start living your best life!

# Social Media

Social media can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you manage it.

It's so easy to log into Instagram, start scrolling and then measure yourself to others instead of finding the inspiration or motivation. This can be very unhealthy for you if you are having one of those off days and you find yourself indulging on the gram! This suddenly becomes a dangerous mindset because you create toxic patterns in your brain which creates habits of logging in and judging others online.

Instagram is the worse when you start comparing yourself to other as there are loads of eye-catching photos and even captions that can trigger feelings of self-doubt, animosity and resentment. Instagram is all about being that little bit extra by showing off online to seduce the recognition of others. This can be detrimental if you have low self-esteem and your attention is captured.

You may start feeling as if:

You have little going on in your life

Strong feelings towards lack of income and travel jealousy

Feeling awful about your appearance (WE HAVE ALL FELT THIS),

Feeling lonely as you don't have an extensive social group

Feeling annoyed because of relationship perfectionism

Feelings of not being good enough in your blogging or coaching path because someone else seems to do it better

Feelings of career envy

Resentment of lifestyle choices or worse

Feeling unpopular or not good enough because of your followers!


If you naturally admitted to any of the above, then keep reading as this post will certainly help!

Ok, all the above feelings will automatically give a tremendous setback to your self-esteem. You start to feel like giving up and that you are inadequate for your-self or hobby. You may even become infatuated with these perfect accounts, which moves to the toxic addiction of continually reflecting negatively.

This may even lead to unwarranted gossiping with friends to help you feel better about yourself. You may see a post of a gorgeous figure and choose not to go to the gym because you tell yourself you will never look that good. Maybe you go to work or school angry and your negative energy disturbs those around you so you believe the lie you tell yourself from online to reality.

You are going to stop thinking & feeling this way right NOW!

I am about to share with you my best 3 tips for better habits when on Instagram.

Pst - It's all to do with the healthy mentality of YOUR path and life.


You will be doing an immense Instagram detox.

I want you to unfollow any accounts that cause you to feel lousy, not good enough or provides no value into your life. As soon as you have the slightest sense of self-comparison - UNFOLLOW!

Don't be frightened of unfollowing friends, family members or even me if you have too! Your mental health should constantly be your No.1 priority in your protection. You want to unfollow these accounts if you want to stop feeling worse about yourself and have a more positive mindset.


I was following this beautiful Australian model on Instagram. More like, obsessed with following her online presence. I grew so toxic to the position where I started comparing and analysing everything about myself with her.

Why isn't my makeup sitting altogether like her recent selfie?

I will never have a home like hers! It's so Pinterest ready!

Ahh another bikini photo in the Maldives, while I sit here cleaning up shit in an aircraft. Wasn't she just in Hawaii two days ago?

Look at how many people admire her, WOW so many comments.

Aww, her relationship is just so dreamy.

How come my hair doesn't look like hers?

( Yes, I tried to even change my style... do not recommend.)

The self-doubt demons appeared each time she posted online and the worse part was I was comparing my life with hers to my partner! It became so negative that my partner forced me to unfollow her because all I constantly looked at, well, what I thought was admiring, was in fact; the toxic comparing game.

Once I unfollowed her page, I felt a huge flood of energy freedom.

There is nothing wrong with models, I respect their hard work and beautiful content. But I have only now started embracing these accounts since I have mastered the art of self-love. A year ago, this model affected me in so many ways because I didn't value or appreciate myself enough. My mindset was in such a low vibrational state that I was naturally compelled to look at all the negatives instead of the positives.

If you feel you can relate, I would like you to start the Instagram detoxing now and unfollow all those accounts that causes you that self-doubt gut feeling.


Once you have completely detoxed your gram, you are now ready to nurture it.

Just like spring, the seeds we plant will bloom. We need to plant the positivity seed into our mind so we can fully prosper! You will start following accounts that bring you positivity and inspiration.

It is so important that you only choose accounts that leave you feeling motivated and happy. You want to see accounts that will benefit you and provide you with value. As soon as you log into the app, the first few posts should be ones that make you leave the app feeling the same if not better!

My favourite type of accounts to follow are those to do with self-love and self-development. You know those accounts that upload constant uplifting quotes and message on the daily. I love reading daily affirmations, it deeply enhances the feeling of gratitude towards life. I recommend you follow body positivity accounts! I LOVE seeing these pages pop up on my feed. These are the women who have also mastered the art of self-love and confidence. Their spirit and energy that projects through imagery is beyond powerful. And one more, I love following other relatable content creators in my niche as it provides me with constant inspiration.

Rule of thumb - Follow any account you want as long as they leave you feeling inspired, happy and motivated.

I great way to feel good about yourself is to follow similar accounts like you!

Find women that promote similar styling, body type, energy, personality or even facial features. This will help to stop comparing to those of what you don't have, as it will draw the attention towards what you do have! I found when I was going through my low moments of self-doubt I would make sure that I only saw accounts similar to my personality and lifestyle.

This instantly reminded me of who I was. Funny, unconventional and confident who did not care what people thought by the way I communicate or dressed. The carefree and joyous women, these accounts inspire me.

You want to follow pages that are uplifting and bright!

The ones that will make you giggle, think and smile every time you leave their page. When you are consumed by positive accounts, you start feeling the same way. You will feel light and happy after leaving the app instead of sad and miserable because you compared yourself.

To have a positive mindset, you need to think and see positive mindsets.

Everyone will have different self-esteem levels.

Here are some examples of accounts you could follow depending on your current feelings.

Some of you might love your body type and you are fine with following beautiful people, however, if you are lacking confidence and public speaking you would want to find comedy or motivational accounts that will encourage you to speak up and inspire you to embrace this.

Some of you are very confident with speakin