3 Helpful Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Instagram

Comparison is your self-esteems worse enemy

If you constantly view other people's strengths and compare those to your weakness, it will dim your character.

This needs to stop today!

Self-confidence & Happiness is the key to a fulfilling lifestyle. I wrote an article on happiness which you can read here. You will find life-changing advice that will help you develop and strengthen your awareness on how to become a happier person.

However, if you are someone who constantly compares yourself to the online world, you will love this page as I share with you 3 helpful ways to stop comparing, start loving and start living your best life!

# Social Media

Social media can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you manage it.

It's so easy to log into Instagram, start scrolling and then measure yourself to others instead of finding the inspiration or motivation. This can be very unhealthy for you if you are having one of those off days and you find yourself indulging on the gram! This suddenly becomes a dangerous mindset because you create toxic patterns in your brain which creates habits of logging in and judging others online.

Instagram is the worse when you start comparing yourself to other as there are loads of eye-catching photos and even captions that can trigger feelings of self-doubt, animosity and resentment. Instagram is all about being that little bit extra by showing off online to seduce the recognition of others. This can be detrimental if you have low self-esteem and your attention is captured.

You may start feeling as if:

You have little going on in your life

Strong feelings towards lack of income and travel jealousy

Feeling awful about your appearance (WE HAVE ALL FELT THIS),

Feeling lonely as you don't have an extensive social group

Feeling annoyed because of relationship perfectionism

Feelings of not being good enough in your blogging or coaching path because someone else seems to do it better

Feelings of career envy

Resentment of lifestyle choices or worse

Feeling unpopular or not good enough because of your followers!


If you naturally admitted to any of the above, then keep reading as this post will certainly help!

Ok, all the above feelings will automatically give a tremendous setback to your self-esteem. You start to feel like giving up and that you are inadequate for your-self or hobby. You may even become infatuated with these perfect accounts, which moves to the toxic addiction of continually reflecting negatively.

This may even lead to unwarranted gossiping with friends to help you feel better about yourself. You may see a post of a gorgeous figure and choose not to go to the gym because you tell yourself you will never look that good. Maybe you go to work or school angry and your negative energy disturbs those around you so you believe the lie you tell yourself from online to reality.

You are going to stop thinking & feeling this way right NOW!

I am about to share with you my best 3 tips for better habits when on Instagram.

Pst - It's all to do with the healthy mentality of YOUR path and life.


You will be doing an immense Instagram detox.

I want you to unfollow any accounts that cause you to feel lousy, not good enough or provides no value into your life. As soon as you have the slightest sense of self-comparison - UNFOLLOW!

Don't be frightened of unfollowing friends, family members or even me if you have too! Your mental health should constantly be your No.1 priority in your protection. You want to unfollow these accounts if you want to stop feeling worse about yourself and have a more positive mindset.


I was following this beautiful Australian model on Instagram. More like, obsessed with following her online presence. I grew so toxic to the position where I started comparing and analysing everything about myself with her.