11 Ways To Be Happy Each Day!

Yes, It Works!

The secret to becoming Happier? It's all to do with your daily habits.

First, we need to look at our behaviour towards life. These behaviours create habits. Once we master our behaviours, we master our habits; we create happiness.

When someone compliments you.

Do you:

A. Dismiss it with a negative response?

B. Gracefully Thank them and smile?

When you are late for work because of traffic.

Do you:

A. Road rage until you get to work. You may then be in a mood for the rest of the day?

B. Put on some chilled music because you know it doesn't affect your mood?

When a friend suddenly cancels on the plans.

Do you:

A. Get mad, start resenting them for ruining your plans.

B. You might be a little annoyed but completely understand and move on with the day.

Your order is wrong.

Do you:

A. Get angry, this always seems to happen to you!

B. You may be annoyed but you also know that there are worse things that could happen in life.

You log onto Instagram and see a flux of beautiful accounts.

Do you:

A. Start comparing, wishing, dreaming, and then hating your own life, or worse, yourself?

B. Admire the images, log off and live your life?

If you answered all A then this article will help you find more happiness out of life.

If you answered mostly B then clap clap, you are on the path already but you may learn a little something from today's post.

If you answered with a mix of A & B, then keep on reading because we can always pick up on some new self-development techniques.



I am serious. Smile. Right now!

Science has proven that smiling lifts your mood and releases happy chemicals into your brain. It makes sense, we smile and laugh when we are generally happy!

It might be hard for some of you that rarely smile on the daily but practice makes perfect! Smile every time you are alone for a few minutes a day, it's most powerful when you do this in the mirror and you see yourself. I find whenever I am feeling low I will smile for a few minutes, feel like a fool and giggle.


Instant happy lifter.


My favourite happiness secret.

Walking is the best thing to do when you are feeling low!

30 minutes a day can have a HUGE impact on your mood. It doesn't have to be walking; It can be any form of exercise. It reduces stress, feelings of anxiety and clears your mind to come back and hustle on your projects. I go for a walk whenever I am confused, lost, sad or unsure of my next more. I ALWAYS come back with a clear mindset and happier mood!

The best thing to do to begin a healthy habit is to find a walking spot you love. It could be the beach, forest, near a river or the local park. Somewhere you can go back to whenever you start to feel down. I am lucky enough to live near a beautiful river, I always walk in this area as it's now become my serenity safe place.

Where is your walking safe place?

#3 Breath Deeply

The cure to tense shoulders.

Breath in 2,3,4 hold!

Breath out 2,3,4 hold!

My therapist taught me this technique as an easy, quick relaxing guide to gain control over my emotions. Breathing deeply takes away your racing thoughts of stress and brings you back to grounded reality. I do this breathing technique before I fall asleep while thinking of a happy memory. I sleep better, wake up happier and work clearer.


When you gotta stop, just stop.

You should already know of the importance of sleep. Sleep is vital for good health, brain functioning and overall emotional wellbeing. You must listen to your body and stop working so hard if you are not getting enough rest.

As an international flight-attendant rest is highly important for my well-being!

1 hr nap on the plane is enough to keep me going for the rest of the flight. But I make sure I breathe, block out sound and rest as soon as I am feeling fatigued. As soon as I land, I seep until my body naturally wakes me. I notice I am in a much better mood when I have had adequate sleep; I am also more productive towards my blogging and spending quality time with my loved ones.

You should be aim for 7-8hrs asleep a day! Rest throughout if you must! Also, take it easy and listen to your intuition. If you have trouble sleeping, please seek doctor's advice.


Thank you for reading my blog so far.

You are the best! I appreciate it.

It's such a nice feeling when you receive a compliment from a stranger. For someone to take the time out of their mindset to focus on something good that they see in you is rare!

So why don't you be that person?!

Genuinely compliment someone the next time you feel good around them. It could be the colour nails the waitress is wearing, the cute outfit that mum dressed her baby in, the smile of a stranger or give thanks to your loved one for taking the rubbish out. It can be big or small. Random acts of kindness will instantly lift someone else's day and you will feel good on the inside!


Dear Diary...

Journaling is one of my favourite ME TIME events! I say events because I make it my mission to write my goals, dreams, unwanted feelings and weekly plans down. Writing for me is a huge release on the mind for battling with millions of thoughts. I feel instantly happy when I write. Probably why I am committed to blogging.

Go get a diary, write some goals. I promise you will feel happy once you tick them off! Also, documenting your thoughts is a great way to look back on and see how far you have come.

Writing down your thoughts will help you discover and learn things about yourself you might not know if you kept it all up in your head. Last, being more organised helps with happiness as you feel more in control of your life.