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Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you were shopping or what about trying to make a choice from your own closet (Ahh, I have so been there)!

It's crazy how many styles are out there and we're just supposed to know what do with them! 

Or even more frustrating than picking an outfit is having no idea and feeling totally lost - like they don't go together AT ALL!!!

Let me assure you, I understand.
This is what I do for a living. 

"Say goodbye to fashion overwhelm and hello to style freedom!"

You could spend hours scrolling through each style before deciding on something. Sometimes it feels like there are more options than outfits! 

You'll be so inspired
Every. Single. Week!


Here's the truth:
When you're trying to figure out what clothes will work for your outfit each day, it can be a tough task. We all know the feeling of trying on clothing in front of a full-length mirror while worrying if everything fits and/or looks good enough. There is too much pressure from society telling us that women need “perfect bodies" with no flaws whatsoever before they even leave their house! So by now we're already panicking because someone might notice our outfit doesn't sit right...
Well... this is exhausting!

But don't worry, I have a solution that'll save you both time and cash!

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    Weekly Outfit Edits

    Every month
    Perfect for those wanting weekly NEW outfit ideas!
    • Chic + Classic + Stylish
    • 8 NEW styles every Sunday night!
    • Easy to re-create using your own wardrobe!
    • Clickable shopping links!
    • Style Roulette - 8 different ways of wearing your edits
    • Outfits created from affordable brands and with new styles!
    • BONUS! Weekly styling videos from your personal stylist!
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These outfits are generic and non specific. It is designed to help you create outfits using your own personal style & wardrobe peices.

 You won't have to worry about what to wear
You won’t need any shopping or styling skills

You will feel so much more confident   
And you'll have a blast along the way

Your stylist 
(Hello Style Freedom)
will put together looks that are on trend and within your budget (I know how important this is)
so you will be able to dress effortlessly and feel stylish each week!

Confidence comes naturally when you're wearing clothes picked with your needs in mind.

You deserve to look gorgeous, feel great and have the confidence that comes from being your best self which is why
The Weekly Outfit Edits was created - so that every outfit has an edit just waiting perfectly for YOU!

Start feeling confident and stylish without doing all the work! 

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