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    Weekly Outfit Edits

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    Perfect for those wanting weekly NEW outfit ideas!
    • Chic + Classic + Stylish
    • 7 NEW styles every Sunday night!
    • Easy to re-create using your own wardrobe!
    • Outfits created from affordable brands and with new styles!
    • BONUS! Weekly styling tips from your personal stylist!

These outfits are generic and styled by me. For a more tailored styling experience, you can book a 1 on 1 virtual styling session.

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26th July 21 - 1st August 21


What is it?

You will get 7 outfit templates each week on a Sunday night! These templates are designed to provide ideas and inspiration on how to mix & match similar pieces from your own wardrobe and to help with creating an easy chic style. These outfits will be selected from affordable brands only. You can choose to shop these styles if you wish, however this will be up to you.

Who would benefit from this?

The weekly outfit edit plan is great if you... - Want to learn how to mix & match outfits. - Have a huge wardrobe and feel overwhelmed. - Have a minimal wardrobe and feel you have nothing to wear. - Want weekly fresh outfit ideas without having to do the work. - Want to shop new trends but don’t know what looks good together. - Have a busy lifestyle and you want an easy weekly outfit guide! - Are on a budget! - Or, all of the above ha-ha! These outfits edits benefit you for a lot of reasons.

How does it work?

Once you set up an account and purchase the weekly outfit edit plan you will have access to the ‘Members Only’ page. On this page you will find 7 outfit templates for the week which you can save to your device. Each Sunday night new outfits will be uploaded to the ‘Members Only’ page.

Do you take custom style requests?

All outfits from the weekly outfit edit plan are non-specific and non-customisable. These styles will represent easy, chic, stylish and affordable outfits that have been carefully selected by me. If you would like a more tailored styling experience you can book a 1 on 1 styling session with me.

What brands do you use?

There will be a mix of brands that may change weekly and the selected pieces will be budget friendly. The brand name will be shown at the top of each outfit edit and all the pieces will be from that brand.

Do you take brand style requests?

I am always open to hearing your brand request, however, the weekly outfit edit plan are designed to be non-specific and non-customisable. The brands selected will be budget friendly options. Please note that I can not guarantee that the piece selected will still be available online once the template has been uploaded to your ‘Members Only’ page.

What if I order the pieces shown & I don’t like it?

It is your choice if you decide to purchase any outfit pieces from one of these brands. Please make sure you do your own research and reach out to the brand if you have any concerns or issues with the item that was purchased. SHESSOSEASONAL is not responsible for your purchasing decisions. Once the outfit has been uploaded, the pieces may or may not be available with the online brand. Please reach out to the brand for more information regarding their products.

When do you upload new styles?

Every Sunday night.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of digital files the product cannot be "returned" and no refund is available for digital products. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Upon such cancellation, you will still be entitled to access the subscription services on the Platform for the remainder of the duration that you have paid for.

How do I cancel my membership?

Go to your account, select subscription, then select cancel. Upon such cancellation, you will still be entitled to access the subscription services on the Platform for the remainder of the duration that you have paid for.

How can I get in contact?

Please send all enquiries to Someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Will the outfit edits stay up forever?

No. They will change each week to fresh new outfit ideas. It is recommended that you download the PDF or save the images to your phone so you can refer back to.

Can I access previous outfits?

No. The outfits will change each Sunday night with fresh new styles for the week. It is your responbility to save the PDF or screen shot your favourite styles within that week.

What is different about your service?

I help by doing the work for ladies overwhelmed or time poor, by putting outfits together from budget friendly brand that are seasonal and in trend each week to inspire their personal style. I bundled it all up into an easy and affordable package.

What's the bonus styling tips?

Every Sunday night along with your next 7 outfit edits you will also get a bonus hot styling tip for that week! These tips are specifically designed by your stylist (me) to help you build more confidence and to help motivate you when it comes to styling. We all deserve a little freebie.

My payment failed, how do I have access to the plan again?

Whenever a credit card or bank account has insufficient funds to cover the subscription, this automatically cancels the plan. If you wish to continue the subscription you will need to purchase the plan again.