Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most asked questions. 

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Why Shessoseasonal?

I'm not a regular stylist, I'm a cool stylist!
I have built a loyal fashion sisterhood for women of all ages whom I have helped to feel confident within their personal style and finding love again from their wardrobe. I am bubbly with a kind soul that likes to have fun with style and share happy energy with my clients and treat everyone as if you are my own sister.

Who Is The Typical Client?

I am a big believer that we all have an inner light that needs to be shined through style! I also believe that we make style, style doesn't make us. I have helped a vast range of different types of women from all around Australia, New Zealand and the US throughout my virtual styling and one-on-one sessions. The questions is... Who is your 'typical stylist?' EASY! ME ;)

What Should I Do Before We Meet?

If you have booked a personalised shopping session with me I highly suggest you
wear comfortable clothing and shoes!!! You can even wear track pants, I don't judge, I get you styling results. 

How Much Do I Need To Budget For Personal Shopping Trips?

That's completely up to you!

During our initial consultation, you can note down roughly what your budget is. During our personalised shopping sessions, we will always try our best to stay within your budget, working towards achieving the best possible value for items you may purchase. Shessoseasonal is completely independent and although I have my favourite shopping centres, I do not at any stage take commissions from retailers. I am here to simply help you feel amazing and inspire you for a better understanding of your personal goals. 

What Shopping Centre Do We Meet At And Where?

Westfield Chermside, Brisbane.
This is my favourite shopping centre and where my Clients receive the best results. We will meet at a quiet and comfortable place inside the shopping centre. Ivy & Lark cafe is where you will have a coffee or tea on me! Before the shopping session begins. 
Check out Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre here to view all of their Woman's Fashion range. 

Do You Travel Outside of Brisbane?

At this point, I do not. 

I have some great news for you though!

You can book a Virtual Styling Session with me in the comfort of your own home.

To find out more about this package just click here.

How Far Out Do You Travel In Brisbane?

30km From Chermside. 
If you live any further, you can book a Virtual Styling Session with me here.

I Don't Live In Brisbane But I Would Love To Book A Styling Session?

This Makes Me So Excited!
I have styled woman all around Australia, New Zealand and even the US, this package is just for you. You can book a Virtual Styling Session with me in the comfort of your own home!
To find out more about this package, click here.

I Made A Booking But I Need To Reschedule?

I understand.

You can find more information in the terms and conditions page here.

Or, You can send email me at

What Form Of Payments Are Accepted?

Payments can be made by credit card through PayPal or Stripes which are done at the end of the booking page. Payments are to be made in full before the styling session begins. You can find more information in the Terms and Conditions page here.

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